Multi-Channel based Security in Pervasive Computing


  • Intel
  • New Mexico Tech
  • Description:
    This project is focused on addressing the problems of secure mobile device identification and secure information sharing in ubiquitous/pervasive computing environments. The fundamental question we try to tackle is "without a priori knowledge such as using password, can we establish a secure and spontaneous communication between two wireless nodes?" The solution to this can be applied to many real-life scenarios such as ad-hoc collaborations among first/emergency responders. The multi-channel based approaches such as using a visual barcode are what we are interested in solving the problem. For instance, we proposed a visual barcode system called UbiColor, which can be used in an out-of-band channel in order to bootstrap trust between mobile entities previously unknown to each other and facilitates a mechanism for indentifying those entities, thereby providing a robust means for authentication and access control.