Dongwan Shin

Dongwan Shin, Ph.D. (CV, Short Bio)

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
New Mexico Tech
Phone... 575-835-6459 (voice), 575-835-5587 (fax)

Director, Secure Computing Laboratory
Director, NSF SFS and S-STEM Programs at NMT
Faculty Advisor, NMT ACM Student Chapter
Faculty Researcher, Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis

New Mexico Tech

  • Graduate courses
    • CSE563 Access Control and System Security (spring06,08,10,12)
    • CSE589-1 Cloud Computing and Applications (spring09,11,13)
    • CSE589-2 Usable Security (spring14, fall15)
    • CSE589-3 Advanced Computer Security (spring07)
    • CSE541/CS441/IT441 Cryptography and Applications (fall05-19)
    • CSE589-4 Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (spring19, 20)
    • CSE589-5 Virtualization Techniques (fall09)
  • Undergraduate courses
    • CSE326/IT326 Software Engineering (spring07-20)
    • CSE389/IT321 Internet and Web Programming (spring05-15)
    • CSE389/IT263 Information Protection and Security (fall13, 19)
    • CSE328/IT328 Secure Software Construction (fall07,08)
    • CSE222 Systems Programming (spring06)
    • CSE/IT213 Object Oriented Programming (spring15)

Research (publication):
  • Interest Areas
    • Computer Security and Privacy
    • Software Engineering
  • Funded Projects
    • CyberCorps SFS Renewal - A Transdisciplinary Approach to Cybersecurity Education: NSF, PI, 2020-2025
    • EPSCoR: The New Mexico SMART Grid Center: Sustainable, Modular, Adaptive, Resilent, and Transactive: NSF, NMT co-PI, 2018-2023
    • S-STEM: Preparing Students for Careers in Computing and Cybersecurity: NSF, co-PI (NMT PI), 2018-2023
    • REU Site - Emerging Issues in Cybersecurity: NSF, co-PI, 2018-2022
    • GenCyber: NSA and NSF, PI, 2015
    • CyberCorps Cadre: NSF, co-PI, 2014-21
    • Security Analysis of Web Applications Vulnerability Scanners: CAaNES, PI, 2011-12
    • Secure Data Services in Cloud Computing: Los Alamos Lab, 2010
    • Trustworthy Computing: User-controlled Persona in Virtual Community: NSF, PI, 2009-13
    • ENSL:Experimental Network of Sensors Lab for Advancing Research: NSF, co-PI, 2007-11
    • ARIEL: An Advanced Security Policy Engineering Framework for Protecting Distributed and Critical Systems: Sandia Labs, PI, 2007-8
    • Secure Infrastructure Management Systems: Sandia Labs, PI, 2007
    • DoD Information Assurance Scholarship Program: Capacity Building: DoD, co-PI, 2005-7
    • Building a Secure State-of-the-Art Embedded Real-Time Systems Laboratory at NMT: Intel, co-PI, 2005-6

Professional Activities:

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